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Stone circles is a generic term to describe circular stones of different diameters, that can be plain or carved with various designs likes circle, sun circles, octagonal, etc.
The appearance and quality of circles from Gupta Stone will turn heads for sure. Available in a variety of designs, these circles can beautify your garden and patio areas. Patios and paving are essential for the first impression of any property makes. Suplying Durable, high-quality stone circles for all functions, to suit all budgets.

The circles come in a variety of patterns, be it loops, quadrangles or waves. We at Gupta Stone can supply the materials and kits which ensure that the arrangement and spacing are accurate.

We have the finish and colour of Stone circles which fulfill any of your requirements and suit your design. Circles fit beautifully in leafy gardens and patios. The range of stone circles can be used for walkways and patios. The designs and combinations available are unique and look extremely beautiful.

Circles specifications

sizes available

  • 1 to 8 M² with square
  • 1 to 8 M² without square &
  • On Demand Sizes

finishes available

  • Natural
  • Calibrated
  • Polish-Honed


Available on all Sandstone and Limestone color.

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